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21 August 2020

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How to Spend a Weekend (or Mid-Week Getaway) in Pemberton, BC

On the outside, Pemberton looks just like any other unassuming mountain-side town. But to many locals and regulars, this town has a special kind of charm that makes you want to come back again and again. Behind its quiet and serene atmosphere is the budding outdoor adventure scene that’s starting to gain popularity in and out of the country.


Over the years, Pemberton has carved a name for itself as one of the top adventure destinations in British Columbia. If you find yourself a free weekend and the urge to go exploring, here are a few exciting things you can do in Pemberton.



Overnight camping is one of the best ways to spend your weekend especially in a place like Pemberton. This quaint village has many amazing campsites that are surrounded by stunning views. Here are some of the best campsites to choose from:


Joffre Lakes Park

Status: Temporary Closed until further announcements.


This park is a popular choice among adventurers and campers because of its gorgeous view of the glacier and its deep blue waters. The trek up the campsite is moderately challenging but is quite accessible. There is a parking lot not far from the start of the trail. Dogs are also allowed too as long as they are not disruptive to the animals in the area.


Garibaldi Provincial Park

Status: Temporary Closed until further announcements.


This is another lakeside camping spot that is known for its gorgeous view of the turquoise waters of Elfin Lake and the snowy peaks of the mountains in the background. The hike to the campsite takes about 6 hours and gains 600 meters in elevation.


Nairn Falls Campground

This beautiful destination is famous among locals and tourists alike. Located just a short 5-minute ride from Pemberton, the campground has over 94 campsites to choose from with 50 of which can be reserved. The camp also has day-use facilities with a view deck and a dedicated parking lot.



If you don’t want to spend a night out in the wilderness why not give hiking a try? Pemberton is filled with trails of all skill levels and is quite popular with outdoor enthusiasts both locals and tourists alike. Here are awesome trails to try out:


Nairn Falls

Aside from being a popular campsite, Nairn Falls is also a famous hiking trail. This is a particularly easy trail with lots of great views along the way, perfect for budding hikers. The star of this trail is the gorgeous waterfalls itself. Its beautiful cascading waters make for an epic picture.


Tenquile Lake

This historic route is perfect for experienced hikers looking for a challenge. The beginning part is a tricky steep climb but quickly flattens out onto an alpine meadow. This packhorse trail was used by miners back in the day to get to the lake. It takes about 5 hours to complete and requires a 4wd to reach the start of the trail.


Blowdown Creek trail

This is a popular moderately challenging trail that’s known for its scenic views. The trail’s notable features are the majestic view of the surrounding mountains, an old mine, and Blowdown Lake. Most of the trail has steep parts but is no trouble for experienced hikers.



Pemberton has been steadily growing in popularity among mountain biking enthusiasts from all over. The mountainous terrain offers a multitude of biking trails that are now seen to be the best in British Columbia. Here are some notable trails to try when visiting:


The Bathtub Trail

This beginner-friendly trail is perfect for riders that are new to the sport and are just learning the ropes. The trail is relatively flat with not much change in elevation and is smooth and easy to ride on. It follows a creek for a short while and meets a gravel road that connects the two ends of the trail.


No Err Trail

Found at the Mosquito Lake area, this moderately challenging trail is a downhill track with short slab sections. This trail offers a fairly tricky descent through mostly rocky terrain. This singletrack trail can also be connected to other trails for a much longer and challenging ride. A great warmup to much more steeper trails in Pemberton.


Overnight Sensation

And finally, this ultra-technical downhill is a classic Pemberton track that is great for advanced experienced riders. It has a steep incline with some parts having rocky slopes. A tricky beast, for sure, but the view of Mount Currie is certainly rewarding in and of itself. A must try to get that authentic Pemberton experience.



Mountain bikes aren’t the only things you can enjoy a ride on in Pemberton. Horses are ubiquitous in the area and in fact, there are more horses per capita in this village than anywhere in British Columbia. Because of this, a lot of trails are accessible to horseback and a few are even open to guided tours.



Even though most of the region is mountainous, Pemberton does not miss out on all the fun in the water. With its crystal clear lakes and many raging rivers, there are a lot of exciting ways to enjoy what Pemberton has to offer. Here are a few fun activities to try:


Jet Boating

You can up the adventure factor and go for a jet boat tour on the Green River. Take in the majestic, glaciated mountain peaks and traditional salmon fishing camps to the base of Nairn Falls!



If you want a more leisurely cruise on calmer waters as you paddle along peacefully, kayaking is perfect for you. There are many guided river kayaking tours for those who want a little adventure. Lake kayaking is also quite popular with some spots even open for fishing. A perfect way to spend a calm afternoon.



Another unique way to enjoy the pristine waters of Pemberton is through paddleboarding. A cross between a kayak and a surfboard, paddleboards are comfortable to ride and easy to maneuver. Perfect for a calm and leisurely surf on the many wonderful lakes and rivers of Pemberton.

COVID-19 Note:
Please note, some of the activities mentioned are not yet available due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19. As much as possible, we advise that you implement proper sanitation. Simple hygiene measures can help protect yourself and prevent the spread of the virus.


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