Adventure Begins Here - Know Before You Go

Pemberton welcomes you!

BC’s Restart is a careful, four-step plan to bring BC back together. Starting May 25, we can gradually begin to restart our important social connections, businesses and activities. Getting vaccinated is the most important tool supporting our restart.


To move through the four steps, we’re looking for:

  • Declining COVID-19 case counts
  • Increasing vaccination rate in people 18+
  • Declining COVID-19 hospitalizations, including critical care
  • Declining COVID-19 mortality rate


We are currently in Step 3  of the BC Restart Plan which allows for travel throughout Canada, the enjoy larger outdoor gatherings with family and friends, and more.


For more information about the Restart Plan and what each step includes, please visit the BC Government website.


Let’s do our part by following steps of the Restart Plan and by continuing to support local tourism businesses. We’re all in this together. Click here for more information about the BC Restart Plan.

Adventure Begins Here


Hiking and biking trails, golf, lakes, fishing, horseback riding, paragliding and so much more – Pemberton offers a wide variety of outdoor recreation! We can all do our part to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy Pemberton to the fullest.


Tourism Pemberton acknowledges that our organization and our Members operate within the Stl’atl’imx Territory.


For a list of businesses that are Currently Open, please download the FREE Tourism Pemberton App.


As we start adventuring and exploring, there are a few considerations to keep you and our community safe. It’s important to remember that our outdoor spaces, activities, and restaurants may continue to look a little different and we need to act responsibly when we visit them.

Plan Ahead

Take extra time to research and plan your trip in advance. Many businesses and services in Pemberton have adopted new protocols, and changes to their schedules or policies to ensure your safety. You’ll want to become familiar with them ahead of time. For example, you may have to book in advance for activities or experiences where you didn’t before. Some businesses or outdoor spaces may remain closed.


Contact the Pemberton Visitor Centre for more information.


Prepare For All Adventures

Ensure your vehicle is equipped for your journey and check driving conditions before departing. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing and be ready for changes in the weather when adventuring into the mountains, during all seasons. Come prepared with food, water, maps and first aid supplies. Know which areas do not have cell service and whenever possible, travel with a companion.


If you’re looking to explore the Pemberton area during the winter months, visit The Raven Guide for more information on how to access the backcountry safely and responsibly.

Interact Considerately

Pemberton is committed to upholding the highest standards in health and safety. Let’s all follow the latest recommendations of health authorities to keep ourselves and each other safe.


Be friendly with people you encounter – together, we’ll cultivate an environment where health and well-being are second nature.


Acknowledge and respect the traditional territories of First Nations and if possible, seek out ways to engage with First Nations culture and history.


Play Simply

During these times, let’s play simply and respectfully, by emphasizing fun, wellness and a connection to nature while staying in our comfort zones to avoid burdening local health resources.


Follow good trail etiquette by staying on the trail and sharing the trail with other users and wild life. Cyclists should yield to everyone and hikers should yield to horses. Motorized vehicles should stay on designated trails only.

Explore Responsibly

Let’s explore responsibly, by leaving no trace, keeping wildlife wild and respecting the amenities, people and nature around us. Remember to park and camp only in designated areas. During peak times, this could mean seeking out sanctioned, quieter spaces to help maintain physical distancing.


If you’re thinking about exploring the outdoors, be sure to visit for helpful information and to leave a trip plan.


Please camp responsibly. We encourage you to follow the Camper’s Code. The Camper’s Code has 9 rules that are really easy to follow. When all campers follow them, good things happen

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Enjoy Patiently

We’re working hard to re-open and revitalize Pemberton responsibly and safely. Let’s enjoy patiently, by being courteous to each other, by understanding that some things may not be the same right away, and by sharing the Pemberton we all know and love, as we navigate this new normal.


Share Respectfully

Sharing adventures on social media is now a big part of our exploring culture. But, consider for a moment, the impacts that increased use can have on our adventure locations.


If you choose to post, make it a positive contribution to the community and area by tagging responsibly.  Don’t refer to a specific trail name or location. Turn off geotagging or use a generic location tag like a business or community.

Take The Pemberton Pledge

Thank you for visiting us. Like you, we highly value our natural landscapes, authentic recreation experiences and our community members. We invite you to take the Pemberton Pledge to affirm your shared respect and love for this incredible place.


Know Before You Go

Here’s what we’re doing to protect our visitors and our community members: 

  • All accommodation providers, restaurants, shops, and stores are implementing provincially approved guidelines for cleaning and physical distancing to keep staff and patrons safe.
  • All activity providers have created additional safety measures as well as implemented provincially approved guidelines for cleaning and physical distancing to keep staff and visitors safe.
  • Due to limited space and modified group sizes, please call ahead to activity providers to see if there are additional items you are required to bring in advance of your trip.


If You’re Sick

  • If you or anyone in your travelling group has been sick in the previous week or have flu-like symptoms, please reschedule your trip.
  • The Sea to Sky Corridor has limited hospital/medical services and resources. We have indigenous communities that are anxious to protect their elders. Any community transmission could seriously jeopardize their way of life, language, and generational connections.
  • Now is not the time to travel if you have flu-like symptoms


Personal Protective Equipment

  • Bring your own personal protective equipment (ie. hand sanitizer and mask)
  • As noted by both federal and BC provincial health officers, both have begun encouraging everyone to start wearing masks when physical distancing may become a challenge.
  • Most stores and activity providers will have sanitizer at the entrance of their respective businesses, but just in case, have a small travel pack on you.



  • Send in only one person from your group to get groceries (and alcohol)
  • Send one person into the grocery store or other shops (the liquor store) for provisions.
  • Please respect the need for restricting the number of people in shops, one-way aisles (where applicable), and social distancing measures.


Book Your Activities in Advance

  • Activity providers have adapted to maintain social/physical distancing, smaller groups will be required. Booking in advance will prevent a missed opportunity to enjoy your favourite activity.


Public Washrooms

  • Washrooms  are open at the following locations around town: Creekside tennis court, One Mile Lake, the old Trail Station, the Pemberton Village Office (white Building), Community Barn and at Underhill Park.


Restaurants & Cafes

  • Restaurants will have limited seating and they will each have their own rules to follow. By making a reservation or ordering takeout / delivery you won’t miss out on amazing meals and this will provide you the flexibility of dining in town. Some restaurants may be available for reservations as well.


Parks & Trails

  • Respect all onsite direction, signage, and closures. Some of this information will be new and will help ensure physical distancing.
  • Keep a healthy space of 2 meters between you (or your family group) and others, including on all trails, beaches, parking lots and washrooms. In areas of the whole trail that are not 6 feet apart, if someone is trying to pass you, please step aside in a side trail or turn your back to them and allow them to pass.
  • Only select washrooms will be open to the public. For your own safety, please follow safe hygiene practices.
  • Be self-sufficient by bringing your own clean travel kit, including hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, garbage bags, masks when recommended by health authorities, as well as tablecloths if you plan to use a picnic table.
  • Remain within trail and park boundaries, and do not enter unsanctioned/closed areas. Many of our backcountry areas have important cultural sites and naturally sensitive areas that could be severely impacted simply by walking through them. By avoiding these areas, you are helping us keep our natural landscape healthy.
  • You are responsible for your own safety. Be cautious when engaging in activities to avoid injury and/or getting lost to help minimize the demands placed on emergency response, search and rescue teams, and on the health care system.
  • Please keep your dog on a leash. Limit conflicts with wildlife and be ‘Bear Aware’.


Visitor Centres

  • Only send in one person from your group
  • There will be a limited number of guests allowed in the Visitor Centre at one time
  • Please use the hand sanitizer provided


Please visit BC Parks for the most up-to-date information. For a list of trails in Pemberton please visit the Pemberton Visitor Centre.


For a list of businesses that are Currently Open, please download the FREE Tourism Pemberton App.