Barn Nork Thai Cuisine


Barn Nork in Thai means rural areas or the countryside and our new location is an old restored barn. In Thailand, people who live in the countryside are farmers. Rice fields with buffalo are a typical scene when driving in the Thai countryside. Buffalo are considered a farmer’s best friend as they spend all day together working in the fields from dawn to dusk.


“Barn Nork” Thai cuisine is run by experienced Thai chefs from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Bangkok and graduated International culinary Arts student from Vancouver Community College. They truly believe that natural products and produce are best for their customers’ health and enjoyment.


Real organic products such as meat, eggs and vegetables are selected daily for their kitchen. Our chefs are determined to bring you local farm to table products to ensure freshness. Their experience in Thai culinary arts will bring you on a memorable journey to the Thai way of life and food.


Photo Credit: Barn Nork