Blue House Organics


Blue House Organics’ main goal is to produce the world’s healthiest vegetables.  Thus we are committed to growing vegetables only in ideal soils, with the freshest water and the highest standard of professional care. We want our plants to grow nutritiously and perfectly. When you buy our vegetables you will be getting the best that nature as well as human organic farming practices can provide. We think great vegetables are the foundation of great health. Blue House Organics wants to be a source of your great health and a better life.


We also offer a unique farm stay “Agri-tourism Experience” inside our iconic “Blue House” so that we may share with you our experience of farming. Bring your kids, friends, family members, co-workers to enjoy farming, seedling, planting, weeding, harvesting, and to try our bounty of farm-to-table flavours. We offer access to all activities for our guests to learn where our food comes from. While at the  farm you can additionally enjoy country living, extensive back-country adventures, hiking and all the amazing recreational options Pemberton has to offer.


Photo Credit: Blue House Organics