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Pemberton Camping Options

Pemberton Camping Options

Pemberton & District offers a variety of walk-in and drive-in, backcountry, rustic and RV camping options in several provincial parks and other venues throughout the area. Campgrounds offering accommodation for RVs, campers, and tents are available.

Discover some of our favorite offerings below, or watch the video for a taste of what you can expect.

How to Have a Fantastic Camping Trip in Pemberton

Camping season is here and if you are looking for the perfect place to go camping, you should consider visiting Pemberton, BC. Pemberton is home to many well-designed campgrounds in locations with breathtaking views and great conditions to enjoy a camping trip with your loved ones. Pemberton offers campgrounds in various provincial parks and other venues with accommodation for campers, tents, and RVs. So, how can you plan a fantastic camping trip in Pemberton? As you make your arrangements, there are several considerations to keep in mind to make the most of the experience.