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27 April 2017

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Tourism Pemberton Named Top Tourist Organization

Due to its small size and even smaller population (a little more than 2,100 people), Pemberton is often overlooked as one of the world’s great travel destinations. But here at Tourism Pemberton, we’re changing all of that, and the travel experts at Canada’s leading global online travel agency,, have taken notice. The Flight Network team recently named us one of the top 20 Tourism Organizations in the World, and we know you’ll agree when you log onto our website and finally pay a visit to our picture-perfect neck of the woods.


Why We Made the List

It’s probably difficult for some to believe that such a small town could have such an impressive tourism organization, but for all of us at Tourism Pemberton, the concept isn’t so far-fetched. “One of the most notable aspects of Tourism Pemberton is its increasing embrace of mobile marketing. In collaboration with the Pemberton District Chamber of Commerce, the tourism bureau recently launched an official app that features activities, local business listings, and a community event calendar,” the recently released Flight Network article noted.


One of Flight Network’s main criteria for inclusion on their list of the top 20 tourism bureaus in the world was that the organization stay up-to-date on the latest travel trends. Our app, state-of-the-art website, and continuously updated list of events does just that. We provide information that travellers can’t find anywhere else from the people who know this area best — the ones who live here. You won’t find the same insider tips and locally-sourced information on TripAdvisor or, because we’ve seen the sights, lived the adventures, and stuffed our faces at all of our iconic local restaurants more than anyone else.


Visit Our Website And Our Town

A world of adventure awaits while you sit on the comfort of your couch at home. is the ultimate place to plan your upcoming getaway and catch a glimpse of the unforgettable experiences you’ll have on your visit to our slice of British Columbian wilderness. Download the Tourism Pemberton App, choose from summer or winter activities, browse lodging options, and check out the hottest restaurants in Pemberton right now. Our tourism bureau’s website is a one-stop-shop for planning your escape, and that’s why we’ve been named, alongside San Francisco Travel, the Aruba Tourism Authority, and other iconic organizations, as one of the world’s top 20 tourism bureaus.




Photo Credit: Dave Steers