Cross Country Skiing in Pemberton

Ample Cross Country Ski Trails

Pemberton and area offer a variety of cross country trails and backcountry nordic skiing. Many of the courses are found on Pemberton’s golf courses and farms that are open to the public during the winter. It’s best to check the cross-country ski options before heading up this way.

Ski trails can also be found along logging and hiking trails through the trees in the backcountry.

The area does have a few groomed courses. Check out our favorite cross-country ski trail below.

The Nairn Falls Trail

Located just three minutes south of Pemberton is Nairn Falls Provincial Park. In the summer, it offers a hiking trail up to the waterfalls, and in the winter the roads throughout the campground are groomed for cross country skiing – for both classic and skate. The ski trails are groomed specifically for the Spud Valley Jackrabbit Ski Program which takes place every Monday afternoon from mid December to mid March. Therefore, on Mondays, Nairn Park is not available for public use, as in the morning the trails are being groomed and the parking lot and access to it are being cleared of snow; in the afternoon from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. the ski program takes place. There must not be any vehicles parked on the access road to the park. The public is free to use the groomed ski trails, which are maintained by volunteers of the Spud Valley Nordic Association, during the rest of the week. The parking lot is available for use only by the Jackrabbit participants, and remains locked the rest of week.


People and dogs must not walk on the groomed trails at any time.

Spud Valley Loppet

The Spud Valley Loppet is a 12 km snowmobile groomed track through several private properties in the Pemberton Valley. It is an event made to celebrate nordic skiing and winter activities in the Pemberton & District area. The event takes place at the end of February/beginning of March and is open to various age categories.


For more information call 604.894.6182.

Photos Provided By: Spud Valley Nordics