Raven Backcountry Festival

Despite a strong inaugural year in 2020 with multiple sell out events and clinics the Raven Backcountry Festival organizers have made the difficult decision to go on hiatus in 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions. 


The Raven Backcountry Festival shines a light on the terrain and the people that help make backcountry skiing, split boarding and snowmobiling in Pemberton world class. The second annual event will include backcountry clinics that will put participants into the heart of Pemberton’s big mountain terrain.


Throughout the weekend the Raven Fest will be raising funds for the Lisa Korthals Memorial bursary which helps educate aspiring female backcountry guides.

2022 Event Schedule

To be announced!

About the Fundraiser

The Lisa Korthals Memorial Bursary is designed to create a living legacy to the memory of Lisa Korthals. It is intended to create a bursary to be used by women to help them get a start in their Mechanized Ski Guiding career and is awarded annually.


Lisa was a towering member of the Pemberton backcountry skiing community and we are thrilled to be raising funds in her memory that will help the career of a new female ski guide.

Backcountry Safety

As the free skiing/riding movement continues to grow, more and more skiers and snowboarders head out of ski area boundaries in search of untracked powder and adventure. In the backcountry however, pristine slopes, remoteness, and unparalleled natural beauty can be linked with inherent risks. This terrain is neither patrolled nor controlled, which is party of the allure. In the backcoutnry, snow conditions are vastly different from those found within the more predictable confines of a ski area.


Be sure to check out the Wayne Flann Avalanche Blog which shares information on avalanches and snow conditions in the Sea to Sky Corridor.