Snowmobiling on the Top of the World

Snowmobiling is a thriving sport in the region. Various support services are also available for sledding in Pemberton and area.


Additionally, Pemberton Ice Cap snowmobiling offers the thrills and chills of vast tracts of ice and snow, panoramic views, ice caves, and crevasses.


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broken boundary

Book with Broken Boundary Adventures

Broken Boundary Adventures is a local Pemberton-based company that specializes in Adventure Vacations. In the winter, they run the newest fleet of snowmobiles and have the most qualified group of guides to help you explore the beautiful backcountry that British Columbia has to offer.


Book with Canadian Wilderness Adventures

Canadian Wilderness Adventures also offers a variety of top-rated snowmobile tours in Whistler. Book with them today!

SnowTrax Television

SnowTrax Television has established itself as the most watched snowmobile television series in North America. The series airs thirteen original episodes from December to April.


Each week the team guides viewers through an informative and entertaining half hour revealing the inside scoop on the latest snowmobiles, accessories and riding destinations that make snowmobiling winter’s greatest adventure sport.


Affiliated with national broadcasters such as TSN in Canada and the Outdoor Channel in the United States, SnowTrax Television effectively reaches over 72 million national households with 24 million of those households being located in the North American snow belt.